With Enlightenment Comes Transformation!

The Little Blue House was founded by private citizens in 1991. For over 20 years, we have been working with children and families in DC’s Ward 1 area.

New for the Little Blue House in 2015:

Little Blue House Director Carl Foster has declared that getting our current LBH kids into college will be our primary mission moving forward! All of the students in our youth program attend high schools in Ward 1 in Northwest Washington, DC. Most of the kids have been coming to the Little Blue House since they were in the 4th grade. The “LBH”, as the staff and kids call it, provides wrap-around support, tutoring and mentoring for all of the students in our program, while maintaining a relationship with parents and school administrators.

This summer, all of our teens have summer jobs or are enrolled in summer school while the LBH provides wrap-around services for these college bound teens.

We are currently working to secure additional college funding for the students in our program. If you would like to learn more about the kids in our program and find out how you can help, see Our Kids.


The Little Blue House strives to obtain specific outcomes for participants in our youth-related programs: children are ready for school (i.e. to attend on time, every day, and participate in learning); children are able to invest in trusting relationships, based on their own growing ability to be responsible and accountable (and recognize that behavior in others); and children are able to articulate thoughts and feelings about their environment (neighborhood), and to understand and choose among positive and negative influences.


Coming soon: A History of the Little Blue House - How we went from a Residence to a Scholarship Fund

For more information, please contact Director Carl Foster at cfosterlbh@gmail.com