Kids Program

The Mission of this group: To teach 7th through 9th graders values that will help them succeed in high school and pursue their goal of attending college. The Little Blue House Summer Program will focus on self-management by:

  • teaching vital skills such as being on time
  • creating and executing a plan
  • working with peers to collect and present data
  • utilizing free time to complete independent projects
  • setting and accomplishing realistic personal goals
  • learning how to navigate the resources in their community

Program Highlights:

  • All participants will receive a weekly educational stipend.
  • Kids will be required to do independent and group assignments as well as participate in daily internal/external activities and assignments.
  • Every child will have a computer/tablet (needed for study assignments and to develop greater research skills).
  • Each child can lose benefits for being late, not completing assignments, not bringing the computer back to LBH every day, not following directions, poor attitude, not cleaning, etc.
  • Each child will meet with staff at the end of each day to discuss behavior, assignment completion, etc.
  • Every student will read at least one book and complete at least one assignment that requires off-site research.

High school prep:

  • Kids will receive assignments that require travel
  • Kids must present a plan that includes using public transportation to complete the assignment

Teaching Self-reliance:

  • Local neighborhood tours, as a group, and discussions around the relative dangers of their immediate surroundings (streets around their home) as a means of helping teach personal safety.

College Prep:

  • We will continue our “Brown Bag Lunches with Professionals” series that we’ve conducted for several years.
  • Kids will discuss and research career and educational opportunities and college prep.
  • Tours and time spent on local college campuses this summer.

We always ensure that all of our kids are registered for school (not something we take for granted) and that our middle school kids just entering high school know how high school is different from middle school.

All children are in our care 8 hours a day and five days per week. The weekly schedule also includes group activities designed just for fun – trips to local swimming pools, beaches, movies, etc.