Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The Little Blue House (LBH) has a single core mission: to foster the development of vulnerable and at-risk children and youth in the District in a safe, stable, and healthy environment. For nearly 30 years LBH has provided whatever service was needed by our kids to give them a chance to become self-sufficient adults. From abandoned infants, to foster care, to mental health services, to supporting and coaching parents to pick better middle schools and high schools, to helping our kids apply to college, to now ushering them through college. Whatever was needed we provided it or we arranged it.  Of the kids listed in these pages, one has been a continuous client since she was 9 months old, another was sent to us by a school principal in middle school, and all of the others since elementary school. It takes this kind of commitment when you goal is to break a multi-generational dependence on government services.

Our Vision:

Healthy kids in safe homes, with stable, loving families. Parents who are advocates for their children.